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Halloween week with bonuses, prizes and challenges

Halloween week with bonuses, prizes and challenges

Tonight all kinds of kids are walking the streets again and storing lots of sweets in the front doors. At the same time, players of “GTA 5 Online” and “Red Dead Online” can immerse themselves in the appropriate challenges that began this week.

GTA 5 Online Halloween Week

GTA 5 online players will once again be rewarded adequately – with additional GTA $ & RP. The triple reward is available in the Halloween bunker series. Dual GTA $ & RPY can be won in alien survival battles and competitive battles. In the latter mode, if you win the event items, you will also receive a free orange protective skull mask and a red Street Crimes Kangs T-shirt.

Psychedelic bait plants are also waiting for you, the new Camhedz slot machine will be available until November 3, 2021, and there is a 40 percent discount on all arcades and related changes and upgrades. There have been reports of UFO sightings while slashers and phantom vehicles pranking the streets.

More Elements of Event Week:

  • Free design “Find the Shark” for Begum Dorader to sign in
  • Vehicle discounts: 50% off MTL Cerberus (Dream), DeClas Brutus (Dream), HVY Scorp (Dream), Vapid Imperator (Dream), Annis ZR380 (Dream) and Western Deathbike (Dream) and LCC Sanctus 35% and Pfister Growler 30%
  • The main prize of the week on the wheel of fortune: Albany Lurcher im Meuchelm√∂rder- Design
  • Prize vehicle and challenge: The first two places of the Road Racing Series have been completed for four consecutive days by OP Tailgator S.
  • Check vehicles at the car junction: Ocelot Pariah, Pfister Comet S2, Emperor Vector
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Prime gaming bonuses (Prime and Rockstar accounts must be linked) include GTA $ 100,000 to play this week and LCC Sanctus motorcycles (available on Southern San Andreas Super Autos). Add 70 percent to Western company Besra and Truffaut Z-category.

Halloween Boss at Red Dead Online

“Red Dead Online” players, the multiplayer part of “Red Dead Redemption 2”, benefit from the new Halloween Pass # 2, which brings many terrible rewards that can be unlocked at 15 ranks.

More from Rockstar:

These include the Bloody Boucher Coat, Killerby Armcards or Glabella Lantern. Owners of four areas of the Quick Draw Club receive Halloween Pass # 2 for free. It will be available until November 22, 2021. Watch the related trailer below:

Watch the video on Youtube

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