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Half the party will not vote for this move, and so will Perzani-Libero Cottidiano

Half the party will not vote for this move, and so will Perzani-Libero Cottidiano

Order for Extension Green Boss It was also approved in the Senate, but did not fall into the open controversy due to the absence of many from the majority ranks. Particular attention was paid Matteo Salvini, Did not appear unfair, and on the league, there was dissatisfaction during the 45% vote. However, the real surprise passed quietly Free and equivalent.

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For example Weather In today’s edition, the small party revealing the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, Who was with Not much on the ballot Room revealed: 50% Green Pass did not want to say yes to the extension. In particular, the name Pierloki Perzani, Who participated in the previous vote by rejecting the amendments of the Brothers of Italy and the survivors of the 5 Star Movement at the request of the Government. But Perzani failed when he had to sign the Green Pass.

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Persani’s case is not an isolated case, as half of Minister Speranza’s group did not follow the same final speech or participate in classroom work. As for the center-net already mentioned in the league, a significant percentage of opponents appeared among the other groups supporting the majority: 38% in Forza Italy and 35% in Corazio Italy.

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