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Gualtieri drops Grillini and helps Calenda vote: "No 5 stars in the pipeline"

Gualtieri drops Grillini and helps Calenda vote: “No 5 stars in the pipeline”

Mayoral candidates in Rome Roberto Qualteri And center-right layer Enrico Michetti, Are already looking forward to understanding which of the two will wear the tricolor saree capitol next October 17th and 18th. They are already warming up the machines for a new election campaign.

“M5s will not be in regime”

The former finance minister of the Conte Biz government reiterates his ‘no’ to Krillini if ​​he wins the referendum. “What if I make sure there is no syncastelle in the tube? I said, I used to say the same things before the first and second rounds. I confirm. We are used to doing what we say“, Refers to the left-wing candidate.

Also, when asked during a study by Ponte del Industria, he extended his hand to the leader of the action. Carlo Calenda.

Gualtieri, in fact, expects Calenda’s support. “I would never dream of taking it for granted but it is a very natural thing, there are parallels at many program points. I address him and the people who voted for him with great respect“.

Then thank you to the President of Italia Viva. “Matteo Renzi Thank you so much for the support he expressed in my candidacy. We have all the credentials to manage Rome well and change it“.

“Close to Gualtieri but subject to themes”

It was not long before Carlo Calenda’s response to Gwalior’s words: “No one called me from the Democrats. Neither Letta nor Gualtieri. Will Michelle look for me? May be

Calenda does not exclude anything, but underscores a fundamental point of possible cooperation between the two: TheAbsence of pentostelated layers in joints.

Sky Tg24 underlines in calendar. “We will go to the opposition because of the commitment we have made with the citizens. I made a promise to the voters that I would not betray it for the sake of appearance“He finished, thus reiterating that he would not keep the alliance.”If one thing is clear from the referendum, the Romans do not want to see 5 stars in government. A clarification on this is needed“.

And always at Sky Studio, Calenda “Near Qualteri“Because”Michetti is not ready for politics“, But support the Democratic nominee”Depending on the themes. Gualtieri takes my support“- while underlining – Vittorio Cirque argues”I have to do the commissioner of Michetti“.

But Michetti is also trying to pull Calenda to his side: “We have similar perspectives and we both have a plan“.