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GTA: Package - Limited Edition: Release Date Approached, Kodaku -

GTA: Package – Limited Edition: Release Date Approached, Kodaku –

A report released by Kotaku’s colleagues says Exit date Very chat GTA: Trilogy – Limited Edition May be closer than we think. Precisely, the collection should come in a month November Of this year.

As we announced on our pages a few hours ago, Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Limited Edition appeared in the database on GRAC or South Korea’s taxonomic system, suggesting an upcoming announcement.

According to information leaked in recent months, this is a collection that includes refurbished versions GTA3, GTA Vice City e GTA San Andreas It is PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Comes in S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Stadia and mobile devices. According to some sources, with all the benefits to the graphics department of the case, all three games have been redesigned with the help of Unreal Engine.

According to new information obtained by the authors of Kodaku, GDA: The trilogy – limited edition will be released in November this year. Made by redesigners Rockstar Dundee, A studio based in Scotland and one of the last to join the Big Rockstar Games family.

Cards for GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas

As usual, similar rumors should be taken with gloves waiting for the official confirmation of Rockstar Games, but Kodak is said to be the most reliable source.

Note that GTA 3 celebrates its 20th anniversary in October and includes Rockstar Announced “Funny surprises” will emerge in this case. At this point it is reasonable to expect Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Limited Edition to come on October 22nd, the exact day of the GTA 3 anniversary.

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