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GTA Online: Load times are reduced by 70%, Rockstar rewards a motor

GTA Online: Load times are reduced by 70%, Rockstar rewards a motor

Despite seven years, Grand Theft Auto Vs. Constantly thrilling thousands of players. To be honest, more precisely GTA Online To impress the fans of the game even more, thanks to the numerous extensions released Rockstar In these years. In viewIntroduction in the next General, The free roaming adventure has been updated to address one of its biggest drawbacks: Loading times. Most importantly: the solution comes from the “simple” user.

GTA Online and Dream Uploads: A motor fixes it

A few days ago, a Kithu user was known tostercx (T0ST) GTA succeeds in solving one of the biggest problems online, shortens the time – in fact, too long – uploads, Your PC, Snatched multiplayer gaming from antiquity.

Well, done by the motor Reduce loading times by about 70% GTA Online. According to T0ST, the resolution process is not too complicated: the upload problem seems to be linked to a “minor” programming error that has been present since the GDAV servers were opened. The recession was actually caused by a neck obstruction caused by the use of a single CPU thread – the apparent oversight of the Rockstar team.

T0ST therefore shares a detailed analysis of the problem, which explains the key steps that led to the adjustment of the rule; To This link Find complete documentation. The solution to the question was later published online Tramide Kitup, To all interested users.

Last Monday, March 15, any day we come Rockstar Games has streamlined the ToasterKex fix: With the upcoming official update of Grand Theft Auto V, the loading times of the PC version of GTA Online will actually be reduced.

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In a news release shared with the authors of PC Gamer, The development team talks about the valuable contribution of the motor: “After a thorough investigation we can confirm that T0ST Player has released a feature of the game code related to loading times for the PC version of GTA Online. Enhanceable featureRockstar Games said. “As a result of these investigations, we have made some changes Next update Title “.

In addition to the acknowledgment, the authors of Grand Theft Auto have also rewarded Dosterkex ‘work: Motor received $ 10,000, By the program Error pound. Typically, the Rockstar Games effort is about finding security holes and other issues related to software home online games. The T0ST debugging will not be part of the plan, but the U.S. study decided to make an exception in this case.