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Growth is in good hands, Bethesda assures us

Growth is in good hands, Bethesda assures us

When The streaming centered on the union between Xbox and Bethesda We talked briefly Starfield, Science fiction RPG announcedE3 2018 But then there is the shadows.

During his speech in a circle organized by Microsoft, Ashley Cheng, Administrative director Bethesda, He said the team was behind the development of Starfield All documents are in order To realize a successful job, thanks to the experience of working in the series Senior scrolls e Fall. “The comrades who work at Starfield today have already worked together on one of the many Open World RPGs. This kind of shared, chemical experience doesn’t come overnight – it takes a lot of time and hard work“, Cheng Highlights, Adding It”When we work on our next generation games, I can’t think of a better place than the Xbox. No matter how crazy an idea is, the Xbox team always says ‘yes, let’s try’“Therefore, none of the specific details are about the characteristics of the expected title, but there is a lot of confidence about the ability of the development team to create better products.

The science fiction of Bethesda is at this time Without the launch window. For a well-known person, Starfield is scheduled for 2021, But no confirmation has come so far, not even on the computers that deliver the product. The rest will have to wait.