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Great apps for the new Mac laptop or desktop in 2020

Great apps for the new Mac laptop or desktop in 2020

Did Santa drop a new one? M1 MacBook Air Under the tree last night? macOS Big Sur comes with many great apps, but Mac still has the best third-party apps worldwide.


Setup One of the easiest ways to find many awesome apps to try without buying a bunch of different ones. Think of this as a Netflix subscription to apps. Some of my favorites CleanMyMacX, WiFi Explorer, Cleanshot X., Mockups Studio, And iFlicks. All applications included in the setup receive full versions and software updates such as their direct pay.

1 Password

I’ve been a Mac user since 2004, but I remember using it for a very long time 1 Password. I have been using this since version 2, which is something I never planned to uninstall. 1 Password stores all of my passwords, social security information, and secure notes, and I even use it to generate two-factor authentication codes. I am currently subscribed to the Family Plan so my wife and I can share passwords for joint accounts in a shared vault.


If you want a streamlined solution to help maintain your new Mac, take a look Sensei. It helps to free up storage, uninstall applications, and monitor the overall health of your computer. If you only have 256GB of storage, you will appreciate the ability to delete unnecessary language files to free up more space for photos and videos.


If you buy a Mac and plan to increase your writing output by 2021, take a look Ulysses. It offers a focused writing experience combined with built-in document management, quick synchronization and flexible export options. It syncs iOS versions As well as. If you like the simple option of writing Mark Down, check it out Word For Mac.

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The first day

If journalism is on your list of 2021 goals, then The first day Your Magos must live in the dock. It is the best tool for journaling on the Apple operating system with built-in sync from Mac to iPhone / iPad. Makes a day easier to document the fun things your kids say, the best school plans or the best cup of coffee you had on a trip abroad.


If I had to compile Alfred In one sentence, it would be called Magos Spotlight on steroids. In my day job, I spend a lot of time using other people’s computers, and whenever I hit CMD + space I am immediately reminded of how much I came to trust Alfred. Alfred is a free app, but I highly recommend buying it Powerback if you like. Lifetime license is $ 45 (35), and one version license is $ 25 (19).


NetNewsWire It has passed many owners in its history, but it is again in the hands of Brent Simmons, and it sees the rapid growth of MacOS and iOS thanks to a group of open source supporters. If you want to streamline your news reading by 2021, moving away from social media to RSS for news consumption will put you in control of what you read. Reader Another great RSS reader for Mac.

Best apps for new Mac: Best email app

MacOS Mail is desirable for application features, but there are some great alternatives to Mac. Spike Dialog style is an email application that allows you to use email as a chat application when adding notes and tasks in your inbox. Includes another modern option Spark, And one of its key features is creating, discussing and sharing with your team before sending an email. Both of these apps support hibernation and scheduled sending, unlike Apple’s Mail app.

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Best apps for new Mac: New calendar app

If you need more from your calendar offered by Apple, there are many better options for Mac. Check Fantastic If you want to combine reminders / tasks and calendars in one application. I have been using this for many years and gladly pay for the subscription. One of my favorite features is the added weather forecast every day. If that doesn’t work for your budget, take a look Physical

Best applications for the new Mac: Task management

The built-in Reminders app does a great job of keeping simple lists, but it is not configured for project management or more complex tasks. Fortunately, there are many great task management apps for Mac that are all synchronized with their mobile versions. Some of the most popular Todoist, Things, Good works, And Omnifocus. I have used everything in the past and they are all great additions to your Mac.

Backing up your Mac

Need to get your new Mac backup, I have two ways to recommend. Local backup using the first a Time machine drive. Time Machine is built into the Mac, so once you insert the external drive it will provide a backup to start. Time Machine is a quick way to recover your data on a new Mac in the future.

I recommend registering Regression Complete your backup strategy. Back Place is a cloud-based backup tool that ensures that you always have a copy of your data in case of theft, flood or fire. As with Time Machine backups, your backup is usually in the same location on your computer. By using Back Place, you always make sure you have a backup location.

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Mac accessories

If you want to decorate your new Mac with some ornaments, here are some I suggest:

Fold in the best apps for the new Mac

New M1 Apple MacBook Air The best computer I have ever used. If the battery life is long, I will be charging my laptop at night just like my iPhone. I would love to hear from a fan. Even if you own it MacBook Pro Or MacBook Air, by downloading some of the best third-party apps, you can supercharge everything you can on your new Mac. What applications did I miss? What’s on the list of best apps for the new Mac? Leave me a comment below.

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