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GPA in Nintendo Switch sales, V in crosshairs

GPA in Nintendo Switch sales, V in crosshairs

Nintendo Switch, Nintendo’s portable console has managed to capture adults and children within four years of its official launch. Definitely enviable topics. His unstoppable success led him Violate 3DS sales Total Nearly 80 million units were sold, At least not a crazy decision to say. So we left you with the idea of ​​looking forward, so the next step would have been GPA. Well, a month later, the hybrid console was a success.

Thanks for the data provided Famitsu In fact, the Nintendo Switch Officially surpassed GBA in sales Thus aiming for the next stage, beat Viva. According to these sources, the hybrid console has been on sale approximately since the beginning of the year One million units in Japan alone, When 996,000 in the United States In January and February. If you try to combine these numbers, you can officially confirm that it has surpassed the GBA to date.

Not surprisingly, the Nintendo Switch will become a flawless console, but it will be interesting to see how much better it performs than its predecessors. At the moment, Nintendo consoles are still ahead Wii (101.63 million), Couple Game More for the guy Game Coloring Boy (118.69 million) And family Nintendo DS with 154.02 million. Let’s see if we can reach the top of this special ranking for many years, with the advent of its sequel Wild Zelda breath For example and the imaginary update that has been rumored for months is completely believable.

In short, astronomical statistics from Nintendo Switch are a console with all the evidence to become one of the most incredible ever created in the history of video game media. If you think this is only four years old, the future can be bright. While waiting for another post, we invite you to follow our pages.

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