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Google Search, New Update: Rumors

A new update to Google Search will be coming in the coming weeks. Let’s take a closer look at the rumors circulating.

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The new search to allow users is expected to come up in Google search soon Some content is very easily accessibleLike Instagram and Tic Tac Toe videos. These will actually be viewed by users in a new section called “Short Videos”. You can also see the pictures in question Without forcing the user to open them through an application. For now, these new features are included in the beta version designed specifically for mobile devices.

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Google search, currently the latest update in beta

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But it would appear that they are still there Solve some more issues, Because many users have access to beta testing, they can currently only view a few U.S. NFL group videos These are some details, but not really There is still very little information About this update and when it will be released. Of course it would be a novelty to allow Instagram and Tick Tock Increase your traffic even more, Because watching these videos will become a basic step for new users to subscribe to sites.

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So all that’s left is to figure out what to look for in the coming weeks This new update is available to everyone.