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Google Pixel 5

Google is releasing a January 2021 security update from the Play Store

Updates to various services provided by Mountain View are not limited to security patches Google Publishes every month Game Store, For some time now.

The latter solution is undoubtedly a simple system for Mountain View, as it allows you to update personal services without having to wait for each smartphone manufacturer to implement their own security plans. Device It is the result of the efforts of the Google team about what was called Project Mainline.

A new security update is coming to the Google Play Store

And so on As explained by Google, The project mainline can be used to update only part of the operating system, ie 14 essential modules are grouped into three macro areas, “Security” (media codecs, components of the media framework, DNS resolver and encryption), “Privacy” (documents UI, Permission Controller and additional services) And “Stability” (time zone data, ANGLE, volume metadata, networking components, captive portal login and network access configuration).

Well, even in January the Google developer team decided to implement a new update on some parts of the system using the Play Store, although at present it is not clear what innovations will be introduced ( Changelog, In fact, does not provide information about this).

Nothing matters accordingly Changelog Officially, this update requires a restart of the device via the Google Play Store, and it seems that something important must have been implemented somehow. Once the smartphone is restarted, in the settingsGoogle Play Security Update Date January 1, 2021.

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Project Mainline is undoubtedly one of the most interesting solutions that has been explored by Mountain View in recent times because it seems to have all the capabilities to solve one of the key limitations of Android, i.e. its need to implement various security updates for each manufacturer’s intervention piece by piece Device Based on this OS.