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Google introduces the best pinball engine that can be played on any web browser

Google introduces the best pinball engine that can be played on any web browser

Google has used its Global Developer Conference to launch a pinball game that can be played online from any web browser. Aside from the fun feature, it is also a testament to the capabilities of Flutter, the search engine’s cross-site architecture.

The 2022 version of Google I / O is powered by Google Introduce the new Pixel 6a And to release two new features, hardware and software. It’s mainly for the general public, but developers are spoiled by new APIs to test in their applications.

Like pinball

Google wanted to demonstrate the capabilities of Flutter, its cross-platform development framework. The search engine has developed a complete pinball engine that can play I / O pinball in any browser! Just get this Address. The controls are modified on the computer (keyboard or touch screen) we play with. It is even possible to turn it into a web application by “installing” the site on an Android smartphone.

Credit: Google

Technically, it was a success. Flutter applies not only to native applications (iOS, Android) but also to the Internet. As for the 2D graphics rendering machine used, the Flame proves its power. This machine allows you to create animations, detect collisions, manage the physical properties of objects, all fully integrated with the flutter.

Finally, when Google’s technologies make it possible to overcome obstacles, why bother creating specific sites? This is the message the company wants to convey to developers. Those interested can view the source code GitHub. To provide ideas to developers, the best way to understand how Flutter works and why not.

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