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Google Home: Unleash and download all these mobile apps at full power

Google Home: Unleash and download all these mobile apps at full power

Google Home requires only one application, but many more may come in handy.

James Martin / CNET

If you dig around Google Home Ecosystem In the long run, you will find that the Google Home app does not do everything you need to do. Many more Google apps like Google Assistant and Gmail need tons of great features to download, but there is nothing in the Google Home app to let you know.

To make things more confusing, there are some apps that you think you need, but one, you really don’t or two, you do, not for the reason you think. Rest assured; I am going to order everything for you.

I’ll show you which app you absolutely need, which aren’t important, but definitely not worth it, and finally, what you can leave on the app store shelf (unless, of course, your smart speakers unless you need it for a reason other than setting up).


If you want to set a morning routine, you’ll want to use the Google Home app to do just that.

Dale Smith / CNET

The Google Home app does almost everything, but no

Everyone needs to download the Google Home app to set up their Google branded smart speakers, so it is ubiquitous in these apps. The Google Home app is what you use most of the time when you have to do something that voice commands are not easy to handle. For example, you need an application Create custom commands Or Procedures, Organize your smart home Into rooms or Create speaker groups In order to play music throughout your house.

It is incredibly useful as a centralized place to view the status of all your smart home devices at any time. Want to see if you have any lights in the house? Instead of opening a few apps for the various smart bulbs or WiFi outlets you have, you can open the Google Home app to get a snapshot of your entire smart home (and control everything with a touch).

Google Help: Not required, but very useful

Even if you have a Google Home app on your phone, you may want to install the Google Help app to completely bridge the gap between your smart speakers and your mobile device. Without it, for example, reminders you set on the Google interface will not receive notifications on your phone. You can not tell Google Home Send information on your phone Without the use of Google Assistant – answers to random questions, such as store opening hours or driving directions.


Google Home is the name of the device, but when you say “Hey, Google” it’s the Google Assistant you are talking about.

James Martin / CNET

Most importantly, however, you need the Google Help app to see any third-party applications (called “actions”) that you run, which is an important step in tightening your privacy and security (see our full guide to this Google Home Privacy and Security is here).

The Gmail application will help iPhone users tighten Google Home security

If you really want to control security and privacy with your Google homepage, you may want to enable two-factor authentication called “2FA”. This means that when you (or someone you do not have) try to sign in to your Google Homepage you must allow it via push notification (our full step-by-step guide Here’s how to set up two factor authentication).

If you have an Android device, it will run on the 2FA operating system for Google Home. If you’ve got an iPhone (like me), you should Download the Gmail app, Creates a notification when someone (you) tries to sign in to your Google Home account. Why not Gmail and some other application like Google Assistant? Your guess is as good as mine.


Download the Nest app to set up and control Nest devices other than smart speakers, but the speakers use the Google Home app.

Tyler Listenby / CNET

Nest application is useless for speakers, but better for other Nest gadgets

A common mistake people are making now in the Google Home ecosystem is downloading the Nest mobile app while trying to set up new speakers. Confusion arises as Google slowly renames the Google home as Google Nest. Last year Google renamed the Home Hub as Nest Hub ($ 50 at Walmart), As well as the updated Google Home Mini ($ 39 at Adorama) As the new Nest Mini ($ 29 at Walmart). Later this year, Google replaced the original Google Home Speaker with a new option called Nest Audio. ($ 100 at the Sams Club). However, the Nest utility will not help you set up any of those Nest devices, you do not need it Nest WiFi. All of the above will only require you to use the Google Home app.

However, if you have a Nest learning thermostat you will need the Nest application ($ 240 on Amazon), Protect the nest (9 119 on Amazon) Smoke Detector, Nest Secure (7 407 at HP) Alarm, Nest x yel Lock or Nest Security Cameras including Nest Hello (8 218 at HP) Tourbell.

One Nest feature that Google has finally brought to the homepage is: Home and Away Location Based Procedures. It is, and Google Home Broadcast The feature that will help you tap news into your whole home, and my latest invention Google Home Hidden “Brief Mode, “Everyone adds that Google Home is being turned into a strong adversary in the ongoing smart speaker battles.

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