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Google has been in the upper class

Google has been in the upper class

With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google finally wants to hit the point of always failing compared to the competition. That’s why the company no longer compromises on many areas because the first photos have to be proven.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Mid High-End-Camera

Admittedly pixel smartphones always have a good camera. However, in recent years the competition has become so overwhelming that Google’s software upgrades have reached their limit. I notice that the current flagship smartphone of Google that I use with the Samsung Galaxy S21 is the Pixel 5. Those days are over with the Pixel 6 Pro. Google is shooting at all odds, and will bring the best pixel phone of all time to the launch. The first photos show the design (They are: TechDroider On Youtube):

What do we see in the photos? First, the weird design of the back confirms it Some leaks have already appeared. You can also find a brand new camera there. A large main sensor, ultra wide angle and periscope telephoto lens are used, which finally enables real zoom that is not perceived by the software. Another sensor that is currently unrecognizable is installed. A 3D sensor that measures distance would be imaginable.

On the front, the Google Pixel 6 Pro also looks contemporary. Larger display with rounded pages is used. The aperture for the front camera is relatively small. Overall, the smartphone looks huge and almost infinite in hand. Looks more glamorous from the front than its predecessors.

Um Video Are you looking at Google’s current Pixel smartphones:

The Google Pixel 6 Pro will be more expensive

If you consider significant technical data for the camera and display, Your own processor And other details, the Pixel 6 Pro can be quite expensive. The Pixel 5 was over 600 euros, while the Pixel 6 Pro May come close to the value of 1,000 euros – At least that’s our assessment. The new Google cell phone is set to launch in the fall, and we’ll find out later.

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