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Google Chrome: Automatic subtitles for audio and video

Google Chrome: Automatic subtitles for audio and video

Current Chrome version 89 Translates sound into text on request? Real time.

G.Google has begun distributing the live title feature for the desktop version of its Chrome browser. So far, this feature is only available on select Android smartphones. It automatically subtitles audio content and videos ?? Currently (until March 19, 2021) it only works in English. The functionality is always useful, for example, for users who are deaf or want to watch video without sound, for example, they do not want to sit in front of the screen without headphones and disturb those around them.

This is how direct subtitles work

According to Google-Blog Chrome creates subtitles on your computer, but not on Google servers. Texts appear directly when content is turned on, and the feature can be used offline when viewing content stored on the hard drive in Chrome.

Enable automatic subtitles

If you want to use the new functionality, you must first enable it in Chrome settings. To do this, click on the three-point menu in the upper right Settings Ann Extended Choose Access. You can move the slide switch (toggle button) for “Automatic subtitles”. Alternatively, you can log in chrome: // settings / access For this approach. If the associated login still does not appear, a Chrome update or a restart of the browser will help.

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