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Google and Samsung team build the ultimate smartwatch OS

Google is finally taking its smartwatch operating system seriously. To further upgrade to the root OS, he has wrapped himself around with Samsung and Fitbit.

Root OS is far from the most optimal operating system Attached clock. At least so far. During Google I / O, the creator of Android co-produced the innovations of the root OS with Samsung Fitbit, its latest acquisition.

A site that brings them all together

Samsung has been a close partner of Google since the early days of Android, as well as being one of its main competitors. The two companies eventually decided to work together to bring the best root OS and Tyson into the same ecosystem.

This integrated platform is advertised as fast with fast application loads and durable with excellent battery life. Google claims to have worked on the lower layers of the system to make better use of low-power cores, improve the autonomy of its attached clocks, monitor activity throughout the day, and monitor sleep at night.

To this end, Google claims that the purchase of Fitbit will provide “world-class service” for health monitoring, without saying much for now.

Finally, Ware OS aims to make it easier for developers to provide the largest ecosystem from the Google Play Store. Of course, root OS has become an OS available to all manufacturers who want it, so it’s not just for Google and Samsung. In addition, each manufacturer will have the opportunity to bring its own interaction with its own personalized interface, just like Android.

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Simplified experience

In addition to upgrades, the system itself is entitled to certain improvements. Double-clicking a button allows you to quickly switch between two applications and return to the previous application. Your music player and your practice app.

Developers can create custom tiles for their applications and access them with a simple swipe from the home screen. An important aspect to keep important information before your eyes at all times.

Google apps are finally serious

The most disgusting thing about Root OS right now is the lack of Google usage tracking. Fortunately, Google Maps and Google Assistant are entitled to a complete redesign. Google Bay owns the same treatment for its part, currently adding 26 new countries in addition to the 11 countries.

Finally, YouTube Music finally gets the right to its own use in the root OS. A necessary point since the disappearance of Google Play Music. However, the release is expected to take some time. “Late in the year.