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Google adds new security for Windows 10 PCs

Chrome 90 embeds a new layer of protection designed to protect users from computer attacks. This security measure is for most PCs running Windows. According to Google, this helps prevent hackers from exploiting security holes Navigator.

A few weeks ago, Google has released the 90th version of Chrome for all compatible devices. This update includes enhanced enhancements to HTTPS, tab naming capability, and compatibility with open source AV1 codecs

That’s not all. In a blog post published on May 4, 2021, Alex Koff, a Google engineer dedicated to Chrome security, revealed that the update is also available. New security measures for computers running Windows.

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Google protects Windows 10 computers with new security measures

As the engineer explains, Chrome 90 adds “Battery protection imposed by devices”, Allowing technology “Create Security Vulnerability Exploitation” Very complicated. According to Alex Koff’s post, this defense complicates the task of the invented attacker Security breach in browser code. In short, this option allows you to put a bar on the wheels of hackers who want to control your computer.

This new security layer is available in Chrome 90 All computers that have installed the update Windows 20 H1 (Used in November 2019) or later, they are powered by processors with technology “Application flow control”. Among the components that embed this technology, we find 11th generation Intel Core processors and AMD Gen 3 processors.

So we invite you to install this Chrome update soon, especially if you are using a computer running one of the compatible processors. We advise you to schedule automatic updates on the go “About Google Chrome” And Dick “Automatically update Chrome for all users”.

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