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Gold Steel IV Arrival Paths April Nintendo Switch ~ Pokemon Millennium

Recently video game publisher NIS USA Announced on his profile Twitter, Visit Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel IV His Nintendo Switch Is scheduled November 9, 2021.

Created final title Balcom, Is set soon after the final events Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel III.
All the characters, Both eighth graders and heroes must unite Face a war together This will lead to total destruction of the world.

The Key Features In this new chapter are:

  • Rejoining the last class: Proud of the biggest list in the entire series, the heroes of all history join the cause!
    Heroes of Seventh grade Join both Crossbell Special Support Unit Both ay Heroes of Liber.
  • More refined war: Wars are classified New and old war systems Of the series, including the ability I call mech giganti On the battlefield for catastrophic attacks, applicationAuto War To facilitate the application of battles and the most powerful orbital magic, The lost arts, To change the fate of the fight.
  • The actions of the tiring war: Between epic battles, catch your breath Series of minigames, Including new functions like Vantage Master and Blackjack, Poker and Horror Roller Coaster.

proof’s: NIS America News Release, Twitter

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