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Goblins Studio reveals two new gamecoms: Awesome Indian titles

Goblins Studio reveals two new gamecoms: Awesome Indian titles

Exclusive trailers for Diluviyan air And Terraformers Published. Independent Development and Publishing Studio Coblins Studio Has released new trailers for the upcoming five games, including two new announcements. Sandwalkers And OkenAs mentioned in the headline of this news, created exclusively during the gamescom: Awesome Indies Showcase, with new game impressions Diluviyan air, Announced. There was also a new trailer Terraformers Expressions and presentations for Terraformers As Defend the Rook Were part of Indy Arena Booth Runable and can still be downloaded from Steam.

The newly announced rugged adventure Sandwalkers Goblins Studio’s major development project – Turn based Tech Management Rogulik Oken Responsible for Lucky Studio. Release dates for both games are yet to be announced. Upcoming titles and already available games from Goblins Studios, including the Early Access section expansion game Snotopia And the recently released Dungeon Defender was a success The legend of the GuardiansCreates a development and development studio of tactical and management games for PC and Nintendo Switch.


Sandwalkers A twist-based rugby review game developed and released by Goblins Studios. Soldiers build and guide their caravans through constantly changing terrain and dangerous weather conditions. Only when faced with innumerable dangers can they reach a new refuge by claiming ownership of the land affected by monsters and pirates.


Oken Developed by Locky Studios in a hex field focusing on tech management and tactical warfare. Players explore a magical, haunted world, collecting powerful artifacts, allies and skills and improving them to reclaim the Oak song. Each time the journey is different, find multiple levels, maps and events.

Diluviyan air

Diluviyan air Development Studio is a half-real-time 2D management game from Olympic Studio in which residents are plagued by increasing water accumulation. Control a guard who refuses to leave his lighthouse and watch him exit from there. In order to survive, players must decide whether to accept the passengers they need.


Terraformers, From Development Studio Asteroid Lab, an extensive colony building and resource management game. Explore the red planet, create spectacular cities and make Mars habitable with ambitious plans. The development team hopes their game will inspire humanity to transform into a planetary creature.

Defend the Rook

In Defend the Rook, A tactical rugged board game with tower defense elements of One Up Plus Development Studio, you must defeat the invading mob to defend and defend the country. The game attracts tactical battles, additional challenge of building towers and at the same time prevent the crowd of enemies.

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