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Global problems with the Microsoft Exchange server

Global problems with the Microsoft Exchange server

The start of 2022 will stumble upon Microsoft Exchange servers worldwide. This problem affects self-hosted Exchange servers that are unable to send mail from midnight on New Year’s Eve. Reason changed 01/01/2022. Value 220101000 causes an error in the server’s anti-malware scan engine, which actually needs to deploy the malware, but fails to send further emails.

This problem is likely to affect many Mac users in companies and organizations because Exchange servers are used for email in many areas.

Very different versions and very different patch levels of the Microsoft Exchange server are obviously affected. Not all servers around the world are affected by this phenomenon: malware scans can be assumed to have not been transferred to them. That is the only temporary and unacceptable solution to the problem: simply turn off the anti-malware scanner. To do this, the PowerShell script Disable-AntiMalwareScanning.ps1 must be enabled. In some cases, the server may need to be restarted so that emails can be sent back.

The notes came from Microsoft and were rolled together Support-Document Presented in detail.

How are you

Are you suffering from a broken exchange server or administrator? How quickly did you take to fix it? Write your experiences in the comment fields of this news, we are interested.

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