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Get ready for a major redesign of the interface in the web version

Get ready for a major redesign of the interface in the web version

The most sophisticated and refined interface is being prepared in its web version on the Google Play Store. Here are some snapshots.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store // Source: Frandroid

It’s not too soon. When mobile version Google Play Store The recent years have seen many changes including Recently with Material U, The interface of the web-based App Store has not changed for a while.

However, things are about to change. As noted Android Police, Some users are starting to see big differences in the interface of the Play Store in its web version. The new design in question brings a welcome boost.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

Can be found in the screenshotsAndroid Police, Play Store application pages are widely used to modernize all areas of the computer screen. We notice that the background is completely white and the application logo takes up more space.

Source: Android Police

Source: Android Police

In comparison, the current Play Store interface takes up very little space, providing usage information in a vertical rectangle on a gray background.

Very elegant style for Play Store

Another important difference in the interface in the product: the side panel no longer appears by default. To view options related to Account, Payment Methods or Play Points (among other things) the user has to click on his profile picture in the upper right corner.

Android Police Also shows screenshots of other parts of the Play Store to show that aesthetics are planned to change everywhere. With the new interface, the browser will be able to download many applications in a more modern way. Not too rectangular shapes, and place here for logos with sleek style and rounded corners.

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The beginning of the deployment?

Notice that there are some buttons on the apps and games pages, sorting the apps that are displayed according to the devices on which you can install them (smartphone, tablet, TV, Chromebook, connected watch, car, etc.).

This new Play Store interface is currently widely available on the Internet in South Korea and Taiwan. It remains to be seen whether Google is still in the testing phase or the beginning of a formal deployment.

Some users may not see the last updated date in the application sheets of the Google Play Store.
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