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Get more involved with effective data collection, L’Oréal’s example

Brands now need to redouble their efforts to attract the attention of customers who are requested by many news outlets. Getting to know your audience well, knowing what your customers expect and reaching out to them better and gaining strong commitment is essential. In its latest white paper, Qualification Is interested in L’Oréal’s strategy.

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Collect customer data from different brands across Europe

L’Oréal, the world’s leading company in the field of beauty, is present in more than 150 countries through its various brands, collecting its customer data in a highly efficient, consistent and secure manner. It was at this point that the company launched its European data collection program First and zero party. Purpose: To improve the existing database by adding new customers and improving the quality of existing contacts.

For this, L’Oréal relies solely on Qualifio Engage solution, a site that specializes in data collection. First and zero party And interactive marketing. The project, which is directly integrated into the L’Oréal data ecosystem, is managed by the central CRM team and allows different brands to launch their own campaigns. In Italy, where the first pilot project was launched, more than 50% of customer data was collected using the Qualifio tool.

With Qualifio, we meet two objectives: to increase the number of contacts in our database on the one hand, and to work on improving the quality of these contacts on the other. When we started the data collection program, we had 0 contacts in our CRM. Today, in Italy, we launched the first pilot project, and Pasquale Egione, L’Oréal EMEA’s Consumer Engagement Project Manager, explains that more than 50% of the contacts come from Qualifio.

Creating an Effective Data Collection Campaign: A 4-Step Process

From the boarding stage to the implementation of the campaign, L’Oréal followed this European data collection program with its brands in a four-level process, and a month later mobilized various mobilized groups.

  1. Account Setup: It creates a basic data collection form with a campaign template and a single contact point, with the aim of collecting all the required data in a compatible way.
  2. Training phase: This position of brand coaching is introduced on the Qualifio Encage platform, allowing it to be used optimally.
  3. First trials: This includes ensuring that data is transmitted correctly to the CRM, thanks to test campaigns conducted by the internal technical team.
  4. Start of first campaigns: Once the brands are ready, they can begin to collect their customer data while ensuring its consistency between geographical areas and compliance with L’Oréal’s global strategy.
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Get the data you deserve to send useful communications to your audience

The main challenge of L’Oréal’s CRM strategy is to have a substantial database of adequately qualified and complete customer data to deliver relevant marketing messages. A plan has been set up to rearrange the collected data to improve and enhance existing customer contacts.


Through data collection Zero party, “Beauty profiles” (skin, hair, preferences, etc.) have been created with specific sections to enhance the relevance of marketing communications sent to customers. The results are: Over a year, 700 campaigns were launched, reaching over 5.5 million users, and 60% and 70% account creation.

To learn more about L’Oréal’s data collection strategy and how Qualifio can help you enhance your brand’s customer engagement, you can download the review for free by clicking the link below, along with other implementable levers.

Download L’Oréal Qualifio Customer Case for Free