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GeForce RTX 2080D?  It can be modified to support 22GB GDTR6 memory!

GeForce RTX 2080D? It can be modified to support 22GB GDTR6 memory!

First fitted GeForce RTX 2070 Then RTX 3070 of Double the graphics memory, Russian Motor and YouTube In VIK Decided to start a new project: Create An RTX 2080D with 22GB GDTR6 memory. The activist bought a “broken” RTX 2080D, which was physically damaged and could not pass the boot process.

The card in question already exists Filmed three workshops, instead of repairing the damage, they made it worse: Between missing components and other issues, the card seemed to be lost forever. VIK-on won Give it new life. Then Reselled the GPU and all memory chips, He even coped Recover broken traces on PCB.

He would have wanted to continue after that Removing the original 8 Gbit chips with 16 Gbit solutions, but could not do this due to lack of components. Thus, YouTube limited itself to regular checks to see if the card could actually support 22GB, and was able to prove that the card was It can work with twice as much memory via one mod. This mode (also known as “strap mode” and can fool the GPU’s BIOS and believes that memory is installed) does not support chips and does not allow more than they start Artifacts that do not allow acceptable and standard use of the card.

In the end, While this is not a complete change, what VIK-on has done shows that change is possible In the future, when there is no shortage of these components, it will be implemented. On the other hand, we should not forget that the TU102 GPU is installed on cards like the Quadro RTX 8000 with 48GB of memory, so 22GB is definitely on its strings.

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