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Game Pass and the new Microsoft OS - News for gaming on

Game Pass and the new Microsoft OS – News for gaming on

Today is the day Windows 11, Its official release is set for October 5, 2021, so you can download and install the new Microsoft operating system in these hours. Announcements About Video games In this major system update.

In addition to all the messages that Microsoft specified to celebrate the launch of the Windows 11 distribution, there are some details Mentioned about games is an area that developers are particularly considering in the design of the new operating system.

As announced on Microsoft Xbox Wire, these messages are inserted directly Operating system, Which guarantees comprehensive support of the features in the system, which are housed within the system software.

Windows 11 and GamePass are more integrated than ever

“Created for Windows 11 gaming”, we read in Will Dutt’s post to underline that this feature is by no means secondary in today’s update.

One of these findings is mentionedAuto HDRA technology that allows you to use the STR automatically with constant updates performed on the STR contents, turning them into a high dynamic range. This feature is compatible with “more than 1000 games between DirectX 11 and 12”, resulting in an increase in the size of the colors and an improvement in contrast and brightness balance.

Support for Direct storage, It already has Xbox Series X | The integrated solution in the S and is a fundamental part of the validity architecture of Microsoft’s next gen consoles: it is an API that allows optimal use of NVMe SSDs, compresses loading time very quickly and manages assets and data between CPU / GPU and RAM.

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Support for Externals The game, which has been following Windows 10 for some time already following a significant path, but still increasing the possibilities for using controllers and other devices, including the Xbox Adaptive Controller and third-party devices.

Finally, the Xbox app dedicated to gaming on Windows 11 has been updated to enhance integration. Xbox Game Boss. These include direct access to the Game Pass list and some changes to the interface between games, including the ability to enable streaming playback through the Xbox Cloud.

For more information, watch the easy-to-use guide to Windows 11 and the official video that explains how to upgrade from Windows 10.