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Galaxy S21 wallpapers for download in full HD and 4K

Galaxy S21 wallpapers for download in full HD and 4K

Enrich your smartphone with beautiful background. Giuseppe Spinelli’s Samsung Galaxy S21 wallpapers are downloaded for free in 4K resolution.

Next month, Samsung will release its new S-series smartphones. Three models are expected, the Samsung S21 will be the base model, followed by the S21 Plus and the best model S21 Ultra. Last week, LetsGoDigital released the expected series of renders Samsung Galaxy S21 We received various requests for samples and then download 4K wallpapers.

In consultation with designer Giuseppe Spinelli – sister Snorin – Now we are downloading these Samsung S21 wallpapers for free. Obviously you can use this background on other phone models as well. There are 6 versions, you can download them in full HD and 4K resolution at the bottom of this page.

Over the past week, a lot more details about the new S-Series have been revealed. The first live photo appeared online, followed by three official video trailers. Even the first Galaxy S21 videos Already available. In addition, Brazilian certification showed that Samsung wants to sell the Galaxy S21 without a charger and earplug – just as Apple did with the iPhone 12 series earlier this year.

Another rumor is that Samsung plans to equip the whole thing Galaxy S21 series With reinforced polycarbonate back panel (plastic) instead of the previous premium glass – this was used on previous high-end Samsung models. This material is also called ‘3D plastic’ because it looks like glass, a classic plastic material used in later budget phones. 3D Plastic is already used for the Samsung A-Series, Galaxy S20 fan version and the recently announced Galaxy Note 20.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra on January 14, 2021. Samsung will be hosting the Galaxy Unopened 2021 event on the final day of CES 2021. Press calls have not yet been sent, but the event will be hosted via a live stream as you might expect.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes in four colors: white, gray, pink and purple. The Plus model will be released in black, silver and purple, with a pink color variation expected in some markets. The Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in two colors as Black and Silver. After the official launch, it will be possible to book new models immediately. The release date is expected to be set for Friday the 29thTh In January.

Note to Publishers: The 3D product renders shown in this article were created by interior designer Giuseppe Spinelli (sister) Snorin). The image provided is copyright protected and is for illustrative purposes only. Feel free to use images on your own website, please feel free to add a source / credit link to your publication. Thanks, Team LetsGoDigital.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

Download Free Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

Six wallpaper backgrounds for Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones can be downloaded here. The number of wallpaper corresponds to the image you see above. Enjoy!

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