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Future Governor of New York: "I will fight for you, I will be by your side every day"

Future Governor of New York: “I will fight for you, I will be by your side every day”

“I will fight for you and your side every day. This is my promise,” Kathy Hochul, the future governor of New York, told state citizens on TV. To begin with, Hochul underscored the challenges above all else with the head-on epidemic.

“People will soon learn that my style is to listen first and then make decisions,” Hochul said, adding that “none of those accused of misconduct in the Attorney General’s statement will be on my team.” The report states that Andrew Cuomo was sexually harassed. Hochul insisted that she had never been close to Cuomo in any way and was not aware of the harassment allegations before they came out in public.

Meanwhile, the controversy against the former governor of New York has not abated. The Italian-American community lashed out against Cuomo, and the politician felt discriminated against by judgments that spoke of “cultural differences,” and many women persecuted him to judge his attitude. The former governor, who is of Italian descent, defended himself by saying that he always hugged and kissed men and women lovingly. “I never thought,” he defended himself, “with no one crossing the border. But I do not realize how far this line has shifted. There are generational and cultural leaps that I do not fully understand.

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