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Future Apple iPads should have a titanium case

Future Apple iPads should have a titanium case

According to a Digi Times report, future iPads will have titanium alloy strong housings that will replace aluminum in current models.

Titanium case is significantly more resistant to scratches than the aluminum case of the iPad models in recent years.

Apple iPad with titanium housing

The Digi Times report is loud Macromers The next ninth generation Apple wrote about the iPad product, which features a PVD (body vapor deposit) application to improve scratch resistance.

According to sources, the new iPad will also have an aluminum alloy chassis that will be machined with PVD. However, the high cost of titanium gas is not economical.

Dedicated to high-end models

Titanium cases should be reserved for high-end models and look at Apple iPhones from the 2022 model year, as called for in the comparable report on July 20th. MacBooks, iPads and future iPhones should benefit from titanium alloy.

Compared to stainless steel, titanium has a higher degree of hardness, higher resistance to scratches and is hard enough to prevent bending. However, Etch is hard to do and with this in mind, Apple developed a chemical process that gives titanium cases a more polished surface.

Titanium is available as an optional household item for current Apple Watch models and strong metal was also used for the Apple card, but the latest iPhones and iPods are all made of steel or aluminum.

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