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From Miyamoto's maps to Super Nintendo

From Miyamoto’s maps to Super Nintendo

Fans of the Kyoto House universe had a Super Nintendo at home in their youth, often remembering the first adventure of the iconic monkey Rare.

The protagonist of a complete trilogy on the iconic home console, this character made his debut as the main character Donkey Kong Country. For more than twenty years, a developer who was part of the Rare Family at the time reveals some background to the process of creating Donking. The team’s work began with some of the first sketches sent Shikeru Miyamoto In person. At the time, email communications were not widespread and Nintendo had sent pictures by fax.

Starting with the creators of Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Pigmin, rare artists were able to bring their own Re-interpretation Presented by Donkey. Gradually, the monkey changed shape, assuming the appearance we all know today, but not before gaining official recognition from above Nintendo. For all the details about the creative process, you will see directly at the beginning of this message Video Published by the developer Kew Police, Now part of the playground games.

Primate’s last adventure predates the acclaimed period Tonky: The tropical freeze is back on the Nintendo Switch. Retro Studios, the author of the platform, is busy right now Development of Metro Prime 4.

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