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Free, strong voice coffee for everyone.  Download your free copy here «Bergamo e Sport

Free, strong voice coffee for everyone. Download your free copy here «Bergamo e Sport

With all the strength and determination of Article 21 Il Caffè, this is my personal preference for a new editorial project, which arises from the thinking and desire of the editorial staff I joined, directed by Matteo Bonpondi, already number one in Bergamo & Sports, now for this magazine. A new newspaper, a monthly that takes shape and determination in such a subtle period of our lives. A public free press, wide-ranging, without time limit, can tell the best facts and themes of our land. A popular product that is accessible to all, non-political, full of news, politics, culture and entertainment, especially Bergamo and Treviclio, although tragically marked by epidemics in the story of continuous evolution. This new editorial adventure stems from the desire to guarantee free and democratic information to readers because I believe magazines should be. Isle Coffee, named after the famous and successful Italian period, published in June 1764 by the minds and pens of brothers Pietro and Alessandro Verri, with the contribution of the philosopher and scholar Cicero Beccaria, was born with the ambition of having the best window in our world, the most remote, the most spectacular, , The ability to capture thoughts, is open to any opinion, by its very nature free and thought-provoking food. Isle Coffee, which is distributed monthly to all businesses based in Bergamo and Treviclio, aims to be a reference point for genuine, free and clean information available to all.
Monica Bagani

Il Caffè, a monthly magazine, is distributed free of charge at the business operations of Bergamo and Treviclio.

Click the link below to view or download the first number of coffee: Cafe of 30 April 2021

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