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Free Games |  Replace eShop: Exclusive Future Switch to try for free

Free Games | Replace eShop: Exclusive Future Switch to try for free

Nintendo has been running generously since the beginning of this year and as a free trial, offers an exclusive Future Switch for download from eShop! Get used to it quickly.

Unfortunately, this is not the next Zelda’s Breath of the Wild or the long-awaited multiplayer game Slotton 3. But it’s not so bad, because the free trial gives you Kirby and Cotton Land!

Switch Game is offered as a free demo on eShop

Kirby and the Forgoten Land is a switch game expected on March 25, 2022. The video game that was announced a little cleverly during the last Nintendo Direct immediately detected it. Fan Legion. The license is less well known than the others on Nintendo, yet Kirby boasts a line of popular and fun games. This is definitely not Zelda, but Kirby is offered here in a free demo. Throw a car and attack levels with frantic creativity, for free, even the enviable Super Mario Maker:

This switch game demo includes the first 3 levels of the game and the first boss fight. Mouthful mode is also provided, allowing Kirby to absorb stairs, cars and liquor machines … Take twenty minutes to discover everything in this free demo.

Switch line in 2022: Is Nintendo the best in history?

Apart from this free demo which is very rare for Nintendo, many switch games are expected and deserve even a little teasing like this. We certainly think so The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 (Temporary name) And other stories, such as Super Mario Odyssey Whose The second opus is in the boxes.

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Not to mention the Pokemon that will be on the portable console this year A The first DLC for Pokémon Legends Arceus It was followed by the release of Pokemon Purple and Scarlet! In short, enough to believe the small free demos that undoubtedly increase the interest of the players.