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Forza Horizon 5, a leak reveals the structure of the new chapter?  -

Forza Horizon 5, a leak reveals the structure of the new chapter? –

L ‘Organization of Forza Harrison5 This would appear to be expressed by a Leakage Appeared on Reddit: According to the map you see in the photos, you will see the new episode of the series competing in Japan!

This shot (apparently from an employee) appeared a few weeks after the launch of the Forza Horizon 4 Steam. Game Ground Game) Expect what the future holds for the rights, which will only be available on the sites Microsoft.

The quality of the film is poor, but enough to reveal some interesting details. We actually see the port Yokohama, But especially priorities கனகவா e Kunma, The latter is especially popular with manga readers Early d.

So there is a chance to prove that the leak was established, the developers were inspired by the work Chuchi Shigeno For the new episode of the series, Japan is trying to recreate the same atmospheres with downhill and uphill races in the mountains.

At the same time, Japanese scenery (we also see part of Mount Fuji on the map) guarantees completely unusual landscapes that transform into breathtaking scenery, as well as attractive urban districts.

Waiting for confirmation or denial, Want a Forza Horizon 5 set in Japan?

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