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Fortnite Patch 15.20 Size and Weight, Update and Download - Break Flip

Fortnite Patch 15.21 Size and Weight, Update and Download – Breakflip

Update 15.21 Maintenance started on Fortnight, find connection size!

Season 5 of Chapter 2 Fortnight Contains regular updates with attachments. These patches still do A certain weight, Which varies depending on the site, and may affect the duration of the update download.

There really are no tips to speed up downloading the updateIt is recommended to connect via Ethernet There is no wi-fi to increase the speed of its connection. Be careful if you want to download patch with 4G of your phone because you will violate your plan very quickly.

How much does the update of Patch 15.21 weigh?

On Twitter, the first information about the weight of this update will fall. It’s a seasonal connection, so it’s not as big as the Season 5 update, which can hit 10GB or more on each site. Download So should Be fast enough, You can restart the Fortnight soon after maintenance is complete!

Find below the update level for each site:

  • PC size: 620 mo
  • PS4-PS5 size : 933 Mo.
  • Xbox size : 1.41 cell
  • Tail switch : 1 Go
  • Mobile size 😕 Go

Feel free to tell us the weight of updates on missing sites in the comments, we will take care of updating the article with what we see and what you send! The update should bring new content to Fortnight, and these new features can be found on Breakflip.

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