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?? For those who stay, ?? Free Download Tomorrow (12/28/2020)

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Bestseller publication Announcing the release of Ronnie Robbins-Smith’s new book, ?? For dependents: Helping women walk away from fear, failed relationships and breakdowns. ?? It will be available for free download on the Amazon Kindle Store tomorrow, December 28th.

This book is about the traumatic journey of a mother / daughter generation through sexual abuse, exposure, loss and moving forward. The first is not being able to identify the abuse, and the second is the inability to seek help and weigh the options. Finally, with the help of legal and therapeutic help, develop the strength to leave safely without controversy and drama.

?? For those who stay ?? Posted by Ronnie Robbins-Smith on Amazon for 5 days (12/28/2020 ?? 01/01/2021) Free Download:

?? For those who stay ?? It has a 4.8-star rating on Here is what some say:

?? Once you start reading this book you can’t put it down. I found every word connected. Ronnie is an outspoken writer. She expresses her feelings in a way that makes you feel like you are having a close conversation with her as if you were one of Ronnie’s trusted friends. Throughout Ronnie’s journey from passive relationships to enlightenment and happiness, he transcends the nails of learning from his therapeutic experiences and inspires those in similar situations. Although the book addresses confusing situations, I found it fascinating and highly recommend reading this book. I look forward to reading Ronnie’s future releases. ?? -A.J.C.

Ronnie Robbins-Smith effectively narrated the story of the emotional turmoil with her mother, daughter, son and three husbands. It read many traumatic situations, many self-productions. I am amazed at the author’s regression as he has worked through many of these painful and confusing situations. ?? -Thammy D.

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About the author:

Ronnie Robbins-Smith is a writer for the first time who, like himself, approaches women who see themselves stepping on water. It’s easier to get stuck when you go for a change than you think. Her book ?? For those who stay ?? A testament to recognizing your situation, gathering the right resources, and making progress. You can realize how life is rewarding through the lessons learned after the trauma. Ronnie is retired with his wife and new dog scooter enjoying the slow pace of life.

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