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Focus on this message

Focus on this message

There is a new danger for all users in WhatsApp. In fact, a message risks stealing your account: how to protect yourself from fraud.

New risk in messaging application (via screenshot)

There are some risks that users run Share. In fact, even if the instant messaging application is protected Final to final encryption, Always many bad guys are able to reach us. Now hackers have a new way of stealing accounts. In fact, one message puts millions of profiles at risk. Born using this trick WhatsAppWeb. In fact, you need one to access the desktop version Verification code, You may lose your account if it gets into the wrong hands.

For this reason, the state police want to post a message on their Facebook page. In fact, Fiamme Oro warns users by writing: “To enable the messaging application Share Own Skills You must enter one Code sent via SMS to the device. Cybercriminals can do this through practice Send SMS to victim This prompts you to send this code and make the sender appear The phone number of the contacts in the address book“.

Police conclude by warning citizens: “Sending code Allows you to activate the new Whatsapp on another device But referring to the phone number of the chosen victim, he actually loses his “property“. For this reason, one must be careful not to risk it Give important data For cyber criminals.

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WhatsApp, now you can command a message: How to do it

New tool coming to WhatsApp (via screenshot)

All the people in the world are using it now Share Every day, with the application that allows everyone to send and receive text messages for free. Moreover, its use becomes essential for daily life. Users, every day, are finding more and more ways to make it easier to use Colossus Menlo Park. For example, a trick appeared Write by commanding text messages Al Speech Synthesizer.

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In fact, all users can use Synthesizer, which is automatically installed on the smartphone, to command the written message. So say on your cell phone: “OK Google“Then you need to add:”Send WhatsApp Message …“Finally proceed by ordering the message to be sent to that person. You can use the app instead ‘Voice over text‘, Free for both App Store For that Game Store.