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agenzia entrate conto corrente cointestato

Focus on the joint bank account: Now you are at risk

Beware Joint current accounts, Because in some cases they can assign some surprises. How can I download the payment made from the joint bank account? What waste should be paid for? Is it only full or half downloaded? According to the judiciary in practice to date, in most cases, completely.

According to what is approved by one New sentenceinstead Halfway through. A decision that causes many problems. As announced Law for all, If this orientation is confirmed, various tax deductions will be at risk, especially deductible fees, i.e. deductibles, or deductibles, ie tax payable on taxable income that reduces the income tax base.

What the new ruling says on joint current accounts and deductions

Confirmation of the new tax is the latest tax judgment to adopt the study supported by the Revenue Agency following a particular case. In the case in question, IThe taxpayer had deducted the fee for the supplementary pension from the personal income tax, Is done by bank transfer from the account held jointly with the wife.

However, the money was paid Declared as 100% of tax revenue, Instead of 50%. The revenue company has blocked everything and the tax deduction is only approved to the extent of 50%. Thus the taxpayer received a payment form to recover the other half of the amount.

Taxpayers objected, but The appeal was dismissed. The Provincial Tax Authority of Perugia found that the origin of the amounts used to pay the person in question and did not prove exclusive ownership, so it was only half approved for the policy of collective ownership of shares held by co-holders (50% each).

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Because the new judgment regarding joint accounts is being contested

As the law explains to everyone, at least in this case it seems strange However, the principle of the invention of the transaction and its invention to the taxpayer was respected Who did it. In these cases, the Revenue Agency agrees to deduct the various expenses incurred by the taxpayer or dependent family member, with the sole provision that his name appears on the tax document such as the invoice.

For this reason, one of the spouses cannot be barred from making full use of the deductions or deductions, report them to the taxpayer if he has actually incurred the expense.