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Five things to know if you want to go to Europe this summer - Oyster-France Evening Edition

Five things to know if you want to go to Europe this summer – Oyster-France Evening Edition

Summer vacations are fast approaching, and questions are mounting. Is it mandatory to travel to Europe with a health passport? How much does a PCR test cost? If you want to go to the EU there are some rules to keep in mind.

As the restoration of conditions in France and the European Union (EU) continues, the issue of summer vacations is fast approaching, and with it, precautionary measures to be taken. Despite the deregulation of France on June 30, 8 out of 10 French people plan to stay in France this summer. An iPop poll (French company public opinion) for the site

The potential vaccine passport is pending, and all EU countries have reopened their borders, now requiring a PCR test of less than 72 hours or less than 48 hours. In some cases it may even be with isolation.

Duties are many and vary from one country to another. Travel agencies say “Change from day to day” Always keep an eye on the site Ministry of Foreign Affairs. On the site Reopen UE Available to European travelers to learn about entry conditions and restrictions (isolation, testing, etc.) in the country.

However, some rules need to be remembered.

Keep a health passport

Royce is the one showing the AOK pass application in the arriving area at Charles-de-Cole Airport. (Photo: Eric Piermond / AFP)

The European Health Passport 1 will come into effect fromThere is July to travel to member countries this summer. “It simply came to our notice then. Foreign Secretary for European Affairs Clement Fionn welcomed the delegation. The idea of ​​the European Health Passport is to do this synchronization together, be it a vaccine or a test, not both. “

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This passport will allow European citizens and third country nationals living in EU territory to prove their immunity in three different ways. By proving that they have been vaccinated or with a negative PCR or antigen test or with a certificate indicating that they have been cured six months ago. However, a health passport does not preclude the isolation of host countries.

Experiment, but at what cost?

With the vaccine, the PCR test will be important to travel this summer. (Photo: Theory Creeks / Oyster-France)

States often require proof of two injections of one vaccine. For those who can’t justify it, a negative PCR test can in many cases be the golden rule to cross boundaries. If you have been vaccinated with a single dose Johnson , Your vaccine is considered complete.

However, these tests are not free in most countries and it is a good idea to book them in advance of departure from the resort. In France they are all free, French and European tourists, with one exception. Therefore, at German airports, the cost of screening can vary from 128 to 150 euros. In Spain, count 40 euros for an antigen test and 100 for a PCR test. It is more expensive than in Croatia, where residents can get tested for 40 or 50 euros at a private clinic.

In Denmark, on the other hand, some centers are accessible to tourists for free and can be booked online. Some tourist areas also put online a list of testing centers: this is the Canaries (Spain).

Download the national application in the fight against Govt-19

You will be recommended to download the anti-Govt-19 application from your country of residence. (Photo: Oliver Dupleix)

As well as TousAntiCovid In France, national digital applications may be used to support certification “Cross the Borders Very Easily, But Cross Health Once”, According to the site Dedicated to European issues.

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While the app is sometimes used only for major events (festivals, concerts, competitions, etc.), it sometimes allows you to enjoy more moderate leisure and cultural spaces. In Denmark, The Coronapas (Can also be used in paper form) Used to go to all everyday stores.Apart from this, you need to know more about this.

Downloading the local application in the canaries is mandatory Roderkovit He should have kept it for another fifteen days after he left. In short, every country has its version, it is strongly recommended to download.

Keep your mask on easily

Like France, wearing a mask is mandatory in many countries. (Photo: Yves-Marie Cumaner / Oyster-France)

Check what types of masks are accepted on public transport or in places open to the public abroad. In Bavaria, Germany, only FFP2 masks are allowed. Surgical masks and FFP2 are accepted in Berlin.

In Spain, wearing a mask is mandatory from the age of 6 in public places or in places that are open to the public when one can not respect the distance of fifty meters. If you travel there by car pooling, consider that this is also the case in vehicles when passengers do not live in the same house.

Some countries have relaxed the obligation to wear outside, such as Poland. And 1 toThere is Those who do not wear a mask on the beaches of Malta in June will not be fined.

Rules for children

Kids will also have to wear masks and get tested. (Photo: Thilo Shmuelgen / Reuters)

Some countries require a negative test before departure at an early age, while others only from the age of 11. This test is mandatory from the age of 6 in Spain and Greece and from the age of 7 in Croatia. As in Italy, travelers from Portugal and France require a negative PCR test of less than 2 to 72 hours. To enter France, the obligation to give a negative result to the PCR test applies from the age of eleven. An affidavit is also required.

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