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Five exciting online art workshops for museum fun

Five exciting online art workshops for museum fun

The doors of museums are closed, but their sites sound like a thousand and one ideas to keep you busy. Create a comic strip from A to Z by discovering the history of friendship between Beckett and Giacometti, copy works from the Louvre or mix in landscape architecture or Paris என்ன What do you think? Follow the Guide to a Successful Vacation!

Winter vacations are already here. If the doors of museums and other cultural places are always closed, on the contrary, websites of similar structures offer many online functions in the form of videos, videos or download tutorials. For interested young and old alike, we select five creative and informative workshops.

Imagine the Paris District (from age 6)

Regarding the exhibition “Paris (1910-1937). Going on in the Albert-Con collection ”, the architecture and heritage city invites families to imagine the city of Paris. The workshop presents a selection of images to be printed in Paris; Belly Epoch from the late 1930s: merchants, transportation routes, street furniture (Morris Column, a bench, entrance to the metro, etc.), monuments. In order to compose music according to his inspiration of a new district of Paris, it had to be cut according to the rules of art and pasted into the photo of the Place to Commerce. Designed by artists Ale + Ale, Alessandro Lesis and Alessandra Banzeri, this photomontage workshop brings parents and children together. Very exciting, you can download an educational file at the exhibition and try out other workshops related to architecture (sand cutting in the form of a house, night light building, photo gallery, etc.).

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