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Fitz Lombardia: The area unloads the barrel

Fitz Lombardia: The area unloads the barrel

During a meeting with regional leaders yesterday, Fitz Lombardia announced that the Lombard Hunting Associations had provided. A single document summarizing the problems and demands described in the investigation.

The corporate meeting, particularly Fitk, was requested by the associations except for the event on Friday 1st October, for which a reception of delegates was requested. On the recommendation of the associations, two representatives of the “Io sono Cacciatore” movement were allowed to attend.

The Hunting Association concludes: “With the dissatisfaction that comes from experience, we can certainly not express satisfaction with today’s answers: we hope to see more answers in the web of promises of more asking and engaging, but we need a pause.
Also, by referring to pausing the calendar, we should notice it The region firmly believes in the benefit of its work, fulfilling ISPRA and TAR responsibilities. We do not think this is a good start … “

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