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First aid alarm by application | Antenna Lower Saxony

27. September 2021 – Dominic Schmidt

In a health emergency, every second counts. First aid should be provided until emergency services are called, but there is not always first aid nearby. The use of “mobile rescuers” of the same name is intended to solve this problem and provide first aid. Here’s how it works.

Association Mobile Ritter e. V. has been helping areas in Germany to reduce first aid time since 2014. In the event of a heart attack, the time to help is very short because the chance of survival decreases by 10 percent every minute. It takes an ambulance an average of nine minutes to reach the person involved. Too long for the “Mobile Rescuers” association. That’s why in 2014 they came up with an idea so that people can voluntarily register as first aid providers for first aid.

Who can help?

The whole thing works with the “Mobile Ritter” app on your smartphone. You can download it for free from the App Store and then register. However, you must have medical training and be a qualified first aid provider to complete your registration. You must demonstrate this qualification and provide thorough training with mobile rescuers. Once you have completed this, you will be activated as the first assistant in your area and may be alerted.

How does mediation work?

When you call the emergency call center, not only is the emergency services sent, but the control center sends this information to the application, which alerts you or another nearby first aid worker. The first assistant who is alerted reaches the emergency room in an average of four and a half minutes, so is considerably faster. In Lower Saxony the average is four minutes and even eleven seconds. First responders may take precautionary measures such as compression of the chest or ventilation of the unconscious person, thus increasing the chances of survival.

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However, you will only be alerted if you indicate that you are in use. You can knowingly disable this even if there is no possible alarm For a time Can continue. You too are bound by the sign of being ready Appear in an emergency and provide first aid.

Where does the application work?

This application is not integrated throughout Germany, but only in selected areas. See a list of supported areas Mobile rescuers page. In Lower Saxony, the application has so far worked on Emsland / Crawfsoft Pentium in Osnabrock and Bean. Integration of the application is under construction in Cox’s Bazar, Bremerhaven, Asterholes, Harborg and Rottenburg (Womm). In addition, new areas will be added to the southern region of Lower Saxony, as announced by Dennis Brandtay, chief operating officer of Mobile Rescuers, in an interview with Antonio Nietzsche. There are more than 3,000 first aid kits in Lower Saxony and more than 9000 first aid kits nationwide.

You can download the processor for your smartphone for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.