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Fire TV Stick - Install Retroarch: Here's How

Fire TV Stick – Install Retroarch: Here’s How

How do I configure my Fire TV stick?

Atari, NES or N64 – RetroArch will turn your Fire TV stick into any retro console. We will tell you how to install the application.

All common sites of past game consoles are now implemented in the RetroArc application. RetroArc is available for a variety of surfaces – but unfortunately not for the Fire TV stick. But with one trick you can still install the app.

Since there is no official app for RetroArch in the Fire TV Stick App Store, the first thing you need to do is download the download app. This will allow you to download and install RetroArc on the Fire TV stick.

If you have successfully installed and opened “Downloader” you can start with the instructions.

Please note: The use of retroarch is legal. But if you download so-called ROMs for emulators from the web, you may sometimes find yourself liable to sue.

In addition to retroarc, there is also the “airconsole”. This way you can legally get many retro games on the Fire TV stick.

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