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Finding a charging station will be even easier for Volvo owners

Finding a charging station will be even easier for Volvo owners

Announces the integration of the Volvo Flexurfing operating system directly into its dedicated application. Which makes life easier for the owners.

Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin / Source: ACE Group for Volvo Cars France

Today, the number of charging stations in France continues to increase, while there are more than 50,000 across the region. Most have less than 22 kW of power, although all variants have, with some more than 150 kW. So, it is now easy to find a place to recharge your vehicle as per your requirement.

However, getting to the working terminal is not always easy, while 85% of electric car users have already experienced a malfunction. Not to mention the accounting issues and the number of different operators. In short, plugging in your vehicle can sometimes become a headache, especially when there is no app on your smartphone to find a suitable station.

More complete application

To help users and make their lives easier, Volvo has decided to take action by introducing a brand new feature in its exclusive utility Volvo cars. First launched in Switzerland and Italy, then it will be used in most European markets of Swedish brand including France. Was contacted Recently released.

It will take the form of an integration of the plexifering operating system that will enable the charging solutions that Volvo has been working on for a number of years. This new functionality will allow drivers of electric and rechargeable hybrid models to access more than 270,000 terminals across Europe. It is, in a few clicks, from a smartphone.

Very practical centralization

With this update, you do not have to download many applications to find the charging station. So everything will be centralized within a single interface. Ambition? Provide a very quiet and connected charging experience, thus facilitating access to the terminals. Drivers can track the progress of the fare in real time and take advantage of all other aspects of the app.

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Although Volvo wants to become a 100% electric brand by 2030, it is increasing its efforts to make life easier for owners of trendy models. Among them, the implementation of priority rates in Europe on the Ionity fast charging network.

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