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Final farewell to free storage on Google Photos

From June 1, Google no longer offers free unlimited storage for high quality images Its Google Photo. This should not be new, because a few months ago Mountain View announced its intention to rob users of free unlimited storage space for Google photos. More specifically, in November. How will Google Photos change starting next month?

How Google Photos will change from June 1st

When Google says it no longer wants to offer free unlimited storage The company also stated that for high quality images in Google Photos, users should be available Only 15 GB to backup videos and photos on your smartphone.

So, from June 1, you will have 15GB of free storage space on Google Photos. Those who need extra space should purchase it by signing up for a monthly subscription on Google One. Unless you have a Pixel smartphone (Generation 2 onwards).

Users who own a Pixel smartphone can, in fact, continue to enjoy it Free unlimited storage on Google Photos, Mountain View has decided not to involve even those who choose to buy this smartphone with this new policy.

Preparation Google One, Basic subscription offers 100 GB extra storage for 99 1.99 per month. However, there is one feature to note: the changes will take effect from June 1, so you can back up high quality images without worrying about leaving the place in late May, which is unlimited until May 31st.

Furthermore, Google estimates that 80% of users of its backup service will not need to subscribe to Google One for at least the next three years because the free storage space available to make backups of photos and videos was made during this period. On the other hand, in times of epidemics, we are very limited in the movements and activities that need to be carried out, not even so much to capture.

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Therefore, many of you will not be forced to buy additional storage space and can handle the situation for a few years. However, if you are curious to know what your misfortune is, Google has made one available Free tool That Gives you an estimate of how long you can live with free 15GB Google Photos.