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Final Fantasy 16, PS5: Sony trailer signals that it is temporary exclusive, then on PC?

We’ll talk once again Final Fantasy16, But unfortunately not because Square Enix has decided to release new information. The Japanese company’s action was at the RPG center, and with a variety of games, new The promo trailer was released by the Brazilian PlayStation Channel. The video you can see above shows a series of games coming to the PS5: precisely, it focuses on certain features like Godfall, Ghostwire Tokyo and Deehtloop. However, the most interesting part is the final Fantasy 16 and attached to it Temporary uniqueness.

In fact, the movie says that this game is PS5 exclusive, but temporary. Precisely, in the video we can read the following sentence, which we propose in translation: “Final Fantasy 16 Not available on other sites for a limited time After launching on PS5. “This sentence does not give us accurate information, but indicates that the game may come from other platforms, especially the computer.

Square Enix e Sony In fact, they never clarified the situation The uniqueness of Final Fantasy 16 and the fact that there is no release information on sites other than PS5 have always been emphasized. This phrase “confirms” that this is a temporary idiom: This is the most official thing we have ever received, Which comes from the Sony PlayStation trailer.

Following this announcement, those who said that Final Fantasy 16 is exclusive and, more precisely, that the deal between Sony and Square Enix offers 6 months of total uniqueness (after which the PC version may be released) and a 12-month console exclusive (Xbox Series X | S version). However, for now Everything is still mysteriously hidden.

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In fact, we know that Square Enix wants the latest Fantasy 16 to be innovative.

Final Fantasy 16: Exclusive or not, this is highly anticipated