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Filtered Coats Will Fall, dark fantasy game for Nintendo Switch

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The success of the Nintendo Switch has produced Deep Silver, in which several games have been relaunched, including Saints Row: The Third and Saints Series IV. Everything indicates that the company also has new plans on the way to the hybrid console.

We tell you this because information about the undeclared game for Switch in the studio’s hands has been leaked recently. At the time of writing, the company has not mentioned anything about this, but we know some details of the game thanks to a registry.

Coats Will is the new Deep Silver for Fall Switch

The game in question is named after Falls in Coats and will be run by Deep Silver, a company that is part of Coach Media. The leaked information comes from a game rating site in Taiwan.

Its product page gives very little detail about the game such as its official name and attractive art. In it we see a Celtic warrior preparing to face 3 dangerous creatures.

Also, we know that Coats Will Fall is a dark fantasy action theme that reflects well in its art and monster design. It is important to note that Koch Media registered several domains related to this project in August 2019.

The first official record of the fall in Coates has now been released. Thus, everything indicates that the expression of the game is immediate. For now, it is not known if a revelatory date will be reached or if the game will reach other sites. Below is a picture of the registry:

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“Coats Will Fall is a dark fantasy action game in which the remaining 8 Celtic warriors from a vast fleet travel to the edge of the reserve to cast out their evil gods,” reads its description.

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As we have mentioned, further details about the fall of God’s will are not yet confirmed. As we know more about this, you can read other news related to the switch at this link.