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Files application The file must be Explorer for Windows 11

Files application The file must be Explorer for Windows 11

With Windows 11, Microsoft offers a modern operating system, but still does not work in some ways. Free Files Application We would like to see the Publisher Offer on Windows.

Files application The file must be Explorer for Windows 11

Windows 11 is an excellent operating system. Or rather, it should become a better operating system as Microsoft modifies what cannot be integrated or fixed in this version. Among the major changes made by the company is the new visual design used by the computer and numerous applications.

File Explorer, one of the most widely used applications in Windows, has been redesigned to allow browsing files on a PC, but without revolution. The Files Application proposes to edit this thanks to a project Open source Is already very popular.

A complete and modern application

This is a free application Available at the Microsoft Store Is an alternative to the file analyzer. It quickly won over many users because of its design, which integrated well with the codes used by Microsoft, even in Windows 10, but later in Windows 11.

Files application The file must be Explorer for Windows 11

Beyond the already successful visual aspect of the application, it also takes some ideas from File Explorer, such as the simplified context menu, which makes files more interesting with new functions.

The first combination that has long been requested by many users: a set of tabs that allow a single window of files to be kept in progress, but to manage multiple folders at once. This is a system we already know from file analysts of other systems, especially in GNU / Linux, and apparently, it’s something we know very well in web browsers today.

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Without creating a complete list of file functions, we can still specify the integration of key services Cloud : OneDrive obviously, but not Google Drive and iCloud. We have them ” Cloud disksOn the left you can easily manage files from one service to another.

Files allow you to assign “tags” to files, as you can do on MacOS. This allows you to change all the elements associated with these tags, regardless of the original folder. Finally, if you are not a fan of Classic Light theme or Dark theme, the application provides a theme system with customized colors.

The problem is, no matter how good and modern it is, the files can’t really change the native Windows File Explorer integration. Performance is lower because the file application has to go through a heavier Windows application layer than File Explorer.

All we want above all is to see that Microsoft takes the same care with its file explorer, the file development team for their beautiful project. The latter is available on GitHubOpen source.