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File transfer system between PS4 and PS5 catastrophic, Schreier Fury - Nerd 4. Life

File transfer system between PS4 and PS5 catastrophic, Schreier Fury – Nerd 4. Life

In a few days Square Enix will release the expected patch Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Designed to use the power of S on its own. Too bad on Sony consoles Switch between PS4 and PS5 It will not be as soft and painless as the Xbox. In fact, to import your game into the next gen, you have to manually migrate Bailout From one console to another. A process far removed from the intuition of smart delivery, which prompts Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier to get angry at this choice.

“The Xbox Kids 2013 video version needs to be done immediately” This is how you share a game on PS4 ” [con questa roba]”. Refers to Schreier Teasing Sony of 2013, or anytime Yoshida teased the Xbox One presentation Microsoft Fear Partition Limits. The complex PlayStation 4 and PS5 migration system does so by claiming to be a failure of similar rates.

L ‘Official Twitter account Marvel’s Avengers, in fact, needed 3 tweets to explain the whole process.

  1. Launch the updated version of the game and go to the Save Migration option to start uploading. When the upload is complete, launch the PS5 version when prompted to download the data.
  2. Even if you have the PS4 and PS5 version on the same console, you need to move the storage.
  3. You need to download the latest update of the PS4 version to load storage on the PS5. Otherwise, the option to change the storage will not appear.

These are all in 2021 and for an online game, so in theory, i Data on servers Presented by Square Enix. We have no comments for you.

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