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Fall Guys Season 2 opens on PS4

Fall Guys Season 2 opens on PS4

The latest patch for Fall Guys is now ready for download on the PlayStation 4.

The game update takes the popular multiplayer platform to version 1.09. It’s only 3GB in size, so this is a relatively significant update to the indie hit. So, what does this new patch do? It prepares the game for Season 2, which is currently live.

Although we do not have official patch notes yet, there are plenty of big changes. If you are playing with friends, you will now be on the falling screen while standing in the queue for the game. There are also name banners, and the item store has been updated with the newest cosmetic bits and pieces to get.

A major update is that you can now choose from two playlists: one that covers all game types, the other called the Gauntlet Showdown, excluding team games. It’s only available for a week, so enjoy when you can.

In fact, new, medieval themed rounds, including Night Fever, Wall Guys and Hoopsy Legends, are now in rotation. Some older rounds also have a visual update. And with Season 2 comes the newest string of rewards as you tie. There are 40 levels like Season 1, where you get plenty of cosmetic items and crowns to earn fame.

We will update this article as soon as we find out more. Are you excited for Fall Guys Season 2? Tell us in the comments section below.