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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram disabled for more than 5 hours: What do we know about the global blockade.  "Error changing router configuration"

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram disabled for more than 5 hours: What do we know about the global blockade. “Error changing router configuration”

In the end, Mark apologized for Zuckerberg’s grandeur Darkness Global. “Sorry for the interruption, we know how many people have relied on our services to stay connected”: Words released by Facebook’s number one six hours after his apps crashed. Servers at 5.40pm Facebook, Share e Instagram They have really collapsed Inaccessible Three sites for users. News of tens of thousands of crashes is slowly creeping into newspapers around the world. In Italy, all three sites slowly reopened just before one o’clock in the morning Work. Reasons for unprecedented failure in the history of managed social networks Mark Zuckerberg Not yet fully clear. Facebook managers first found themselves – between criticism and contradiction – a Apologize Using a competitor’s site Twitter: “We apologize for any inconvenience and we are working to resolve them,” wrote Menlo Park Communications Chairman. Then, on Tuesday morning in Italy, came the first official explanation: the global blockade that hit Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp processors Changes in router configuration Integrates network traffic between its data centers. “This disruption in network traffic is a The effect of the layer How our data centers communicate, Will block our services“, Facebook’s Vice President of Infrastructure in a post, Santosh Janardhan.

Out of technical terms: Facebook and other affiliate services “Close“From the web. The prototype is that computers are replacing websites like Number addresses (IP), through an organization with expert contact New York Times He compared it to the phone’s address book. An internal problem with Facebook – John explained Graham-Cumming, Chief Technical Officer d Cloudflare – Deleting users’ phone numbers from the names in the directory is not the same as calling each other ”. It looks like this Ways Allows users to access Server Of Facebook. In practice, millions of smartphones and other devices are constantly trying to find Facebook applications on the Internet, but the way to achieve it is now another, so these futile efforts generate traffic that reduces all other access.

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Unable to fix The problem At a distance, Facebook was forced to send because all of the employee’s internal communication systems were in an inaccessible domain Technical Committee In data centers Santa Clara, California, Try to fix the problem by resetting Manually I Server. Not only: Sheira FrankelReporter Dell New York TimesHe also explained on Twitter that the staff “could not” Enter the buildings Evaluation will begin this morning (Monday) The amount of malfunction Because theirs Badge They did not work to access the doors. Accessibility systems, in fact, depend on the same servers that existed at the time Unattainable.

Facebook – Darkness came on the day it had to defend itself from the day its stake in Wall Street collapsed Allegations of a former employee Went to The Wall Street Journal Internal documents Compromise for society. As stated in it File Presented by the former manager Francis Hogan, The team doesn’t really want to change The function of the algorithms Despite the development of social anger, it played a role in the events leading up to the attack Congress By easing January 6th Controls Destined for the 2020 election.