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Facebook Gaming Game List is available on iOS via a web application

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Cloud gaming is strictly prohibited in the App Store, as usual, highlighting the Apple Security feature to justify this decision. If Xbox came around by offering a web app for iPhone users, Facebook has done this since today.

Facebook Gaming offers cloud gaming via a web application

When Facebook wanted to integrate the Gaming App Store, Apple explained that the app would be there Accepted Only if social networking Suppressed Leaving only live broadcasts from the game and its streamers.
To make Facebook Gaming available, Mark Zuckerberg’s team had no choice but to comply with Apple’s requests.

Like Microsoft with XCloud, Facebook said it wants to offer its game list to hundreds of millions of iPhone users around the world. To avoid leaving the Apple community, Facebook today introduced a Web application Directly accessible Via SafariThe advantage is that there is no application to download, but only an internet connection.
The downside of Facebook is that you can’t use the incredible Visibility What the App Store can offer!

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On the occasion of the launch, Vivek Sharma, vice president of games for Facebook, said On the edge :

We came to the same conclusion as the others: this time the only way to offer cloud gaming on iOS is with web apps.
As many have pointed out, Apple’s policy of “allowing” cloud gaming in the App Store does little. Apple’s need for each cloud game to appear on its own page, reviews and search lists will defeat the purpose of cloud gaming. These restrictions prevent gamers from discovering new games, running multiple devices, and gaining instant access to high-quality games in their own iOS applications – even for those who do not use the latest devices and are very expensive.

Compared to competitors like Xbox or Nvidia, Facebook offers Free access For a large list of games. To use it, you need access From your iPhone, you will be asked to connect to your Facebook account.

Download the free app Facebook Gaming

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