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F-Zero, an ultra-realistic version rejected by Nintendo

But very interesting idea

Nintendo Always treats its intellectual properties very little, especially if they are long-lived, for example F-Zero, A fantastic futuristic racing game not found on a console from the Kyoto home for over fifteen years.

Founder of Whitey Giles Goddard, Spoke during an interview with the YouTube channel GameXplane, It was revealed that he had been arguing for a long time Nintendo For a new chapter F-Zero With futuristic graphics and in-depth physics, based on reality and capable of revolutionizing the concept behind Saga’s previous chapters; A plan, unfortunately, obviously Big n However, he decided to leave.

The interview mentioned above is here:

As stated Goddard, His ” F-Zero He has a certain approach, focuses more on physics and reacts to collisions between cars that were not previously in the series, all guaranteed the introduction of production using proprietary graphics engine Nintendo Switch e PC.

As mentioned GoddardHowever, even a demo would require a large investment for this project which has already been done Nintendo, As Calves At that time the studio was not large enough to cope with the development of such an important topic, so the Japanese company decided to abandon the project.

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Who knows Nintendo Will focus again on the future in the new chapter of F-Zero, What do you think about this?