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"Expect further decline"

“Expect further decline”

The European “diversity” – understood as the wave of epidemics that will begin to realize itself after the celebrations of Italy’s victory at Euro 2020 – is spreading more and more in Rome. Overall, the quota of 100 new positives has been surpassed between infections recorded elsewhere in a bubble in Monteverde, at least 120 according to Rome ASL’s first calculations.

Of these, according to what has been learned, nothing is worse, but the event, which has added to the tide of delta variation, is of great concern to the region. About 80% increase, with an average age of 23 years “.

And the most vulnerable is the younger one. The first positive after the Italy-Belgium quarterfinal on July 2. Based on data from ASL Roma, which is overseeing the case, the number has risen from 16 out of 16 infections in two weeks to 73 on July 14, after Italy-Spain to Friday, July 16 to 91, with 13 secondary (friends and clients’ families) Or pub staff).

Monteverde is not the only bunch of ecstasy Azure. The semifinal also hit Corso Trieste. Asl Roma 1 has confirmed that there are at least 30 positives. All the young people who came to see Italy-Spain together were not in an indoor space, but a kiosk with an outdoor screen.

Confirmation that the virus is spreading in the open. That’s why the data for the next few days, as D’Amato said, will be even tougher. In fact, think of the scenes of celebrations on the streets and in the clubs of Rome – not only – both in terms of its own Italy-Spain (The results will be seen in the next few hours), to win the final against England, where “Magical night“The bus train was found around the capital amid a series of controversies between the FIGC and the province of Rome over the decision to showcase Italy, the new European football champions. Carousel with reduced (or completely absent) templates and assemblies. The budget may push the contagion curve upwards.

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Map of epidemics in Rome